I want something made but don't have the skills or desire to make the object myself.  What I want made is either rare or custom to the point that having it made is the best option.


Stage 1

Complete a project assessment

You'll work with a Maker Works staff member to define the scope of what you need to make.  No project is too big or too small for this process!


Stage 2

Develop a Request for Proposals

Once you've completed the project assessment, a Maker Works staff member will work with you to develop a complete Request for Proposal.  You'll use this RFP to communicate the specifics of your project to our community of craftspeople.


Stage 3

Match with a local fabricator

Now that you've finished your training plan, you can get to work.  Use your skills and our tools to build the object of your desire.


Give us a call (734.222.4911) or stop by for a tour and get started today!