I'm a life-long learner.  I'm interested in collecting educational experiences.  I like to learn across domains.  Once I understand how something works, I like to move on to learn the next thing.  I may take many classes and never use the equipment.


If this sounds like you...here's your way forward!


Stage 1

Get Your Bearings, Pick a Path

Start things off with a tour of the shop.  What catches your eye?  A traditional wood working tool like the lathe?  A computer-controlled plasma cutter for cutting metal plate?  Nearly any class can be taken on its own, but we may be able to suggest groups of tools that go well together.


Stage 2

Check Your Knowledge

After you've taken a checkout class, make something cool to practice your new skills!  A self-guided "bridge project" is an easy way to get started--or maybe find a project online that you like.


Stage 3

Choose your own adventure.

This is just the beginning.  In every field of making, from wood to textiles, from jewelry to welding, there's so much depth to be explored now that you have access to the equipment, space, and the knowledge of how to safely use it.  Learn new techniques.  Combine fields like woodworking and metalworking or jewelry.  Become an instructor.  Join our staff.  The future is yours to make!

Give us a call (734.222.4911) or stop by for a tour and get started today!