I am interested in a specific subject.  I know a lot about my hobby.  My knowledge is relatively narrow but deep.  I enjoy sharing what I know about my hobby.  I have a wealth of tips and tricks and am well versed in best practices.


Stage 1

Take all the Check-Out classes in your domain.

Let's get these requirements out of the way early.  The quicker you make your way through the check-out classes the quicker you can use the tools.


Stage 2

Complete Teacher's Training Plan

You know a lot about these tools and how to use them.  You've proposed several measurable improvements to the shop's SOPs.  Now you should share your knowledge with a wider audience.  Complete the "Teacher's Training Plan" and start scedhuling your own classes.


Stage 3

Teach Classes for Pay and Glory

Now that you've finished your training plan, you can get to work.  Use your depth of knowledge and experience to teach those best practices to others.  


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