Jewelry Tools

Our newest studio supports casting, shaping, texturing, soldering, brazing, annealing, and enameling of jewelry metals and more.

+ Tell me more...

  • Lost-Wax Investment Casting: Vigor wax injector, CNC mill (4th axis) for machinable wax, kiln for burnout, standardized flasks/endcaps, vacuum chamber, dust collector for mixing, hand wax carving tools
  • Centrifugal Casting: Kerr centrifugal casting machine
  • Shaping/texturing: Dinkel double rolling mill, hydraulic press, dapping punches, disc cutters
  • Soldering/brazing/annealing: oxy-acetylene and propane torches
  • Enameling: Evenheat kiln, enameling tools, sample enamels
  • Precious Metal Clay: kiln, clay tools
  • Polishing: buffer, buffs, Luxi blue and red polishing compounds
  • Basic hand tools: files, pliers, cutting tools, big shears in the Metal shop, saw frame and some blades, some hammers, anvils, bench blocks
  • We also have an area for pewter sandcasting. You can do fun and nice work in sandcasting, but we have it in large part because we like teaching sandcasting to young people--it's a process for metal forming that is still used in industry and in the arts, it's fast, and it's fun. It just may not be the right choice for a wedding ring.

+ How do I get to use these awesome tools?

  • Take the appropriate tool safety checkout class, if you want to use the CNC jewelry mill, the torches, lost-wax casting, or sandcasting.
  • Make a tool reservation to use CNC jewelry mill, kiln, oxyacetylene torch, rolling mill, or pewter sandcasting area.
  • Other tools in the Jewelry studio are not reservable - please share!
  • Start your membership.
  • Use the SOPs (the Standard Operating Procedure manuals located at each tool) to make your project.

+ Is there an hourly charge?

No. Use of the tools is included in your membership fee.

+ Can I reserve time on the tools?

  • You may make tool reservations of up to 2 hours per day for the CNC jewelry mill, kiln, oxyacetylene torch, rolling mill, or pewter sandcasting area. (Longer times are available for Pro membership levels and on an as-needed basis for regular members. Please talk to a staff member to arrange.)
  • Other tools in the Jewelry studio are not reservable - please share!

+ What do I need to bring? What is supplied or available at the shop?

We sell or provide a small number of items for projects in the Jewelry studio; please plan to bring in whatever you may need, if it's not listed here. For suggestions on where to buy the materials you may need, please visit our Materials & Resources page.

  • For the CNC jewelry mill - a selection of collets and cutters are available for your use, green and blue machinable wax is available for purchase
  • For lost-wax centrifugal investment casting - low-dust investment mix is available for purchase, sprue wax and wax wire are available for your use when used for sprues, for a small charge when used otherwise
  • For all casting - R98 lead-free pewter is sold by the weight of items cast

Dinkel Rolling Mill

Manufacturer: Dinkel
Model: K65

CNC Jewelry MIll

Manufacturer: Emco
Model: F1

Evenheat Programmable Kiln

Manufacturer: Delta
Model: RC-51

Centrifugal Casting Machine

Manufacturer: Kerr
Model: Centrifico

Melting Pot (pewter)

Manufacturer: Lee
Model: Pro 4

Jewelry Oxyacetylene Torch

Manufacturer: Smith
Model: "Little Torch"