Electronics Tools

Our electronics shop has tools for designing, prototyping, assembling, and repairing electronic circuits. 

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Our soldering irons are the very excellent Metcal PS2E type. Test equipment includes a Tektronix oscilloscope, and meters and other test equipment by Fluke, HP, and other great brands.

The printed circuit board engraver allows you to create single or double-sided prototype PCBs using standard PCB design software including KiCad and Eagle. Once you've proven your design, send the same design to a board house for higher quantities.

A reflow oven (upgraded and modified from the original) is great for surface mount boards. In fact, you can create solder paste stencils for surface mount boards using our Epilog laser and sheets of polyester film.

Microscopes, hand tools, a hot-air rework station, and a supply of discrete components round out the shop.

+ How do I get to use these awesome tools?

  • Take the appropriate tool safety checkout class, if you want to use the printed circuit board (PCB) engraver.
  • Other tools in the Electronics area don't require a checkout class.
  • Make a tool reservation to use the PCB engraver or reflow oven.
  • Other tools in the Electronics area are not reservable - please share!
  • Start your membership.
  • Use the SOPs (the Standard Operating Procedure manuals located at each tool) to make your project.

+ Is there an hourly charge?

No. Use of the tools is included in your membership fee.

+ Can I reserve time on the tools?

  • You may make tool reservations of up to 2 hours per day for the PCB engraver and the reflow oven. (Longer times are available for Pro membership levels and on an as-needed basis for regular members. Please talk to a staff member to arrange.)
  • Other tools in the Electronics area are not reservable - please share!

+ What do I need to bring? What is supplied or available at the shop?

We sell or provide a small amount of materials for projects on the Electronics tools; please plan to bring in whatever you may need, if it's not listed here. For suggestions on where to buy the materials you may need, please visit our Materials & Resources page.

  • For the soldering stations - Kester "44" lead solder, solder wick, vinyl electrical tape are available for your use

Aoyue Hot Air Rework Station

Manufacturer: Aoyue
Model: 852A

Hakko 808 Desoldering Tool

Manufacturer: Hakko
Model: 808

IBC Boardmaker PCB Engraver

Manufacturer: IBC
Model: Boardmaker 2222

Metcal Soldering Stations

Manufacturer: Metcal (now OK Industries)
Model: PS2E power supply w/MX-RM3E handle

Logic Analyzer

Manufacturer: Saleae
Model: Logic16

Reflow Oven

Manufacturer: Puhui
Model: T-962A

Tektronix Digital Oscilloscope

Manufacturer: Tektronix
Model: TDS2002C

Tektronix DC Power Supply

Manufacturer: Tektronix
Model: PS280