I am trying to make money with my efforts here.  I'm designing, prototyping, or producing a product for my own business or for other businesses.  I may or may not already have the skills needed--if not, I'm motivated to add those skills to my toolbox.  Maker Works gives me access to tools and space so that I don't have to buy tools and rent space of my own.


Stage 1

Complete a project assessment

You'll work with a Maker Works staff member to define the scope of what you need to make.  No project is too big or too small for this process!


Stage 2

Complete your custom training plan

Once you've completed the project assessment, a Maker Works staff member will develop and present to you a custom training plan.  You'll use this training plan to take the right classes and learn the right skills to complete your project and build your expertise.  If you're already highly skilled, the checkout classes will let you know how we do things here.


Stage 3

Design, build and document your project.

Now that you've finished your training plan, you can get to work.  Use your skills and our tools to start or continue your idea and the next big thing.  And you won't be working alone--there is a shop full of knowledgeable, interesting people to share information with.


Give us a call (734.222.4911) or stop by for a tour and get started today!