Metal Tools

Use tools in the Metal shop for cutting, bending, machining, fabricating, and welding projects.  There's also an assortment of clamps, hand tools, vises, arbor presses, and other tools.  Whether your project is measured with a micrometer or tape measure, we want to help you get your project done.

+ Tell me more...

  • Sheet metal: CNC plasma cutter, 52" shear, 48" magnetic brake, 6" corner notcher, Beverly throatless shear
  • Machining: 3 manual lathes (9", 13", 18"), Bridgeport mill, Tormach CNC mill
  • Cutting: Grob vertical bandsaw, Ellis horizontal miter bandsaw
  • Fabrication: Scotchman 45 ton ironworker, universal bender
  • Welding: Miller TIG, MIG, and spot welder

+ How do I get to use these awesome tools?

  • Take the appropriate tool safety checkout class, if you want to use the lathes, mills, abrasives, CNC plasma cutter, Ironworker, or MIG and TIG welders.
  • Make a tool reservation to use the lathes, mills, CNC plasma cutter, or MIG and TIG welders.
  • Other tools in the Metal shop are not reservable - please share!
  • Start your membership.
  • Use the SOPs (the Standard Operating Procedure manuals located at each tool) to make your project.

+ Is there an hourly charge?

No. Use of the tools is included in your membership fee.

+ Can I reserve time on the tools?

  • You may make tool reservations of up to 2 hours per day for the lathes, mills, CNC plasma cutter, and MIG and TIG welders. (Longer times are available for Pro membership levels and on an as-needed basis for regular members. Please talk to a staff member to arrange.)
  • Other tools in the Metal shop are not reservable - please share!

+ What do I need to bring? What is supplied or available at the shop?

We provide a small number of items for projects on the Metal shop tools; please plan to bring in whatever you may need, if it's not listed here. For suggestions on where to buy the materials you may need, please visit our Materials & Resources page.

  • For the mills - a jump edge finder and 1/4" and 3/8" two-flute endmills are available for your use
  • For the lathes - a selection of indexable carbide cutting and boring tools, plus parting blades are available for your use
  • For the MIG welder - gas and steel welding wire are available for your use
  • For the TIG welder - gas, electrodes, and a selection of filler rods in steel, aluminum, and stainless
  • For the Ironworker - 1/4", 1/2", 3/4", and 1" punches & dies are available for your use

Baileigh Magnetic Sheet Metal Brake

Manufacturer: Baileigh
Model: BB-4816M

Beverly B2A Throatless Shear

Manufacturer: Delta
Model: DJ-20

Bridgeport Vertical Milling Machine

Manufacturer: Bridgeport
Model: 2J

Clausing Colchester Engine Lathe

Manufacturer: Clausing Colchester
Model: Series 8000

CNC Plasma Cutter

Manufacturer:  A2 MechShop, HyperTherm
Model:  CNC Plasma Cutter Gantry, Model 45 Plasma Cutter

Di-Acro 16-ga 6″ Notcher

Manufacturer: Di-Acro
Model: #1

Ellis Horizontal Miter Band Saw

Manufacturer: Ellis
Model: 1800

Grob Vertical 18″ Bandsaw

Manufacturer: Grob
Model: NS-18

Hardinge DSM/DV-59 Precision Second Operation Lathe

Manufacturer: Hardinge
Model: DSM/DV-59

Tormach CNC Mill

Manufacturer: Tormach
Model: PCNC 1100

Miller LMSW-52T Spot Welder

Manufacturer: Miller
Model: LMSW-52T

Miller Syncrowave 180SD TIG Welder

Manufacturer: Miller
Model: Syncrowave 180SD

MilleR MIG Welder

Manufacturer: Miller
Model: Millermatic 211

Pexto 54″ Jump Shear

Manufacturer: Pexto (Peck, Stow & Wilcox Co.)
Model: No. 154

Scotchman 45 Ton Ironworker

Manufacturer: Scotchman
Model: Porta-Fab 45 Ton

Powder Coating Application Booth, Gun, and Oven

Gun Manufacturer: KCI
Gun Model: K1-3

Grizzly Sandblaster

Manufacturer: Grizzly
Model: G0707

2” x 72” Belt GRINDER

Manufacturer: Shop Built
Model: BG-272