2” x 72” Belt Grinder

Manufacturer:  Built at Maker Works
Model:  based on Dan Comeau's "BG-272 DIY 2 x 72" Belt Grinder"

Detailed Specifications


A belt grinder is a special-purpose belt sander for shaping and sharpening metal. The 2" x 72" size is a common size used by knife makers. With coarse belt grits and a 1-1/2 HP motor, this grinder can remove steel quite quickly for rough shaping. Finer belts allow for more refined shaping and sharpening. Belts used on this machine can range from a coarse 36 grit or so to extremely fine grits, and are available in a variety of materials depending on the use. Variable speed allows the best speed for each operation.

This tool requires users take the Belt Grinder checkout class, which is separate from the Abrasives Checkout class. Users will need to supply belts.


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  • >4,000 SFM belt speed

  • 1.5 HP variable speed motor (3HP variable frequency drive)

  • 9" flat platen area

  • 2" x 72" standard belt

  • 8" drive wheel, crowned tracking wheel