Ellis Horizontal Miter Band Saw

Manufacturer: Ellis
Model: 1800

Detailed Specifications


A stationary band saw that features left or right angle cutting, a built-in protractor for fast and accurate selection of angles, and the stock remains in one position for all cuts.

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11” Round at 90°
10” Pipe at 90°
14” Flat at 90°
11” H x 10” W at 90°
9” Round at 45°
8” Pipe at 45°
9” Flat at 45°
11” H x 6” W at 45°

 Blade speeds    70, 135, 230 fpm
Blade size    11’0″ x 1″ 0.035″
Shutoff    Automatic
Motor    1 HP single phase
Feed    Hydraulic cylinder