Formlabs Form 2 SLA 3D Printer

This printer uses special liquid resin that hardens when hit by a laser.  This stereolithography process is capable of very high resolution prints in a variety of resin types, including:

  • standard resins (grey, white, black, other colors)

  • tough

  • durable

  • flexible

  • transparent

  • castable (can be burned out, as in lost-wax jewelry processes)

Print your own designs (from scanning a 3D object using our 3D scanner, or from your 3D CAD models) or download models from websites like or

You may bring your own resin and tray (including third-party resins), or use resin from Maker Works and pay for the amount used.

Accessories include the Form Wash and the Form Cure machines.

Printer Specs:

  • Build volume: 145mm x 145mm x 175mm / 5.7" x 5.7" x 6.8"

  • Laser spot size: 140 microns (0.14mm) / 0.0055"

  • Layer height: 25 - 100 microns (0.025mm - 0.1mm) / 0.00098" - 0.0039"

  • Print speed: Varies with the model being printed, but roughly 1-3 cm/hr along the Z (height) axis. (PreForm software will provide a reasonable estimate.)

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