Wood Tools

Create with wood (and some plastics too) using saws, drills, routers, sanders, a planer, a jointer, and a lathe. We also have workbenches, hand tools, a massive dust collection system, and a lot of clamps.

+ Tell me more...

  • The SawStop table saw, Milwaukee panel saw, and Makita compound miter saw make short work of cutting wood down to size. The safety features of the SawStop are great, but it's also a good quality table saw, supported with a variety of attachments and outfeed table.
  • The 8" Delta jointer and 20" Delta planer are often the next step for wood and have seen thousands of board feet run through.
  • Our Powermatic bandsaw is great for resawing boards, while a smaller bandsaw allows curved cuts in a wider variety of materials.
  • A 25" single-drum thickness sander gives the final finish to boards of all kinds with efficiency and precision.
  • The ShopBot is a computer-controlled router that can handle wood and plastics up to 4' x 8'. It accurately locates holes, creates rabbets and grooves, engraves text, and can machine complex shapes and even 3D surfaces. The time it takes to learn this exciting machine is well paid off!

+ How do I get to use these awesome tools?

  • Take the appropriate tool safety checkout class, if you want to use anything other than hand tools in the Woodshop.
  • Make a tool reservation to use the ShopBot CNC router or wood lathe.
  • Other tools in the Woodshop are not reservable - please share!
  • Start your membership.
  • Use the SOPs (the Standard Operating Procedure manuals located at each tool) to make your project.

+ Is there an hourly charge?

No. Use of the tools is included in your membership fee.

+ Can I reserve time on the tools?

  • You may make tool reservations of up to 2 hours per day for the ShopBot CNC router and wood lathe. (Longer times are available for Pro membership levels and on an as-needed basis for regular members. Please talk to a staff member to arrange.)
  • Other tools in the Woodshop are not reservable - please share!

+ What do I need to bring? What is supplied or available at the shop?

We sell or provide a small number of items for projects on the Woodshop tools; please plan to bring in whatever you may need, if it's not listed here. For suggestions on where to buy the materials you may need, please visit our Materials & Resources page.

  • For the drill press - a selection of drill bits is available for your use
  • For the disc sander - 80 grit paper is installed
  • For the wood lathe - various gouges are available for your use
  • For the router table - please supply your own router bits
  • For the CNC router - 1/4" spiral upcuts for plastic and for general use, a 1/8" radius round nose, and a 60 degree V-groove bit are available for your use
  • For the drum sander - we sell rolls of 80, 120, and 180 grit sandpaper

Delta Drill Press

Manufacturer: Delta™
Model: 17­-959L

Delta Jointer (8″)

Manufacturer: Delta
Model: DJ-20

Delta Planer

Manufacturer: Delta
Model: RC-51

Metabo Compound Miter Saw

Manufacturer: Metabo
Model: C12RSH2

Max 20-SD Disc Sander

Manufacturer: Max
Model: 20-SD

Milwaukee Panel Saw

Manufacturer: Milwaukee
Model: 8″

Oliver 12″ Wood Lathe

Manufacturer: Oliver
Model: Model 159

Powermatic Bandsaw

Manufacturer: Powermatic
Model: 87

SawStop Table Saw

Manufacturer: SawStop
Model: 3.0 HP Cabinet Saw

ShopBot CNC Router (48″x96″)

Manufacturer: ShopBot
Model: PRS Standard

SuperMax 25 Thickness Drum Sander

Manufacturer: SuperMax Tools
Model: Performax 25