So how does Membership work?

Think of Maker Works as a workshop run like a health club. Buy membership by the day, month, or year, come in and make stuff. The major points are:

  • For any machine where you could hurt yourself, others, or the machine, we have a mandatory checkout class. In this class we’ll cover safety and basic operation.
  • The use of the shop for production needs to be cleared with staff.  We can't always accommodate production on our machines.
  • Tools can be reserved, one reservation per tool per day.
  • There is no hourly charge for machine use, but we do charge for large format prints and for the bobbin thread on the embroidery machine.
  • We have a few items available for retail sale--vinyl for the vinyl cutter, pewter for casting, etc.--but you can bring your own, too.  Most other materials members will bring in.  Ask us for local sources.

How much does membership cost?

Membership Type



Punch Card

$300 for 10 visits


Single Day









$300/3 Months





$160/3 Months





$160/3 Months



Family (2 Adults)


$420/3 Months



(Extra hours)


$400/3 Months



All Hours*


$600/3 Months


* All Hours membership has additional prerequisites.