Kids at Maker Works

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Many of our Checkout, Make-N-Take, and Skill Development classes are appropriate for younger people, such as laser, embroidery, vinyl cutter, sewing machines, 3D printer, Arduino and Raspberry Pi programming, CAD, graphic software, and others.  

We can help you identify tools and classes that are a good match to your child's interests and abilities.  With every child there will be a different mix of parental support and child-driven energy involved, but in every case we want children to be able to realize their vision, whether it's a functional invention or artistic expression--or both!  (We have the same goals for our grown-up members, too.)

We offer classes for kids ages 9 and up in areas like fabric/textiles, metalworking, woodworking, and jewelry, and have summer camp experiences for more in-depth discovery.  Check our website for “Kids Classes” and watch for them in our newsletter.

Tool CheckouT Classes

Young people ages 13-15 may take any tool checkout class with their parent/guardian (both adult and minor must register and pay), including wood, metal, and jewelry classes.  (A parent/guardian who has taken the checkout class must also accompany them when operating tools.) Ages 16 and up are encouraged to take checkout classes in any area they wish, with parent/guardian approval.

Make-N-Take and Skill Development Classes

Please visit the specific class page for age requirements on Make-N-Take and Skill Development classes, as these vary by class.

Required Paperwork for Minors

When a person under the age of 18 is taking a class, the Member and Guest Agreement paperwork must be completed in their name and signed by a parent or guardian.


Membership is not required for any of our classes, events, or maker group meetings.

Ages 0-15 are included in a parent/guardian’s membership.

Ages 16-17 must have their own membership and parent/guardian approval signature. (May qualify for one of our discounted memberships.)

Ages 18-up must have their own membership.