Double Rolling Mill

Manufacturer: Dinkel
Model: K65

Detailed Specifications


The Dinkel K65 is a precision rolling mill for flattening, imprinting, and forming square wire in soft metals.

Use the rolling mill to thin metals like copper, silver, and gold.  Roll a sandwich of a soft metal plus a harder pattern plate to imprint patterns on soft metals.  Use the range of square profiles to reduce square wire size.

No checkout class is required to use this machine, however you must follow the SOP to avoid damaging the precision rollers.

Note that metal must be in a soft state–this will often mean you must anneal it, often multiple times.  See the Jewelry Torches Checkout class.

Use this calendar to reserve time on this tool.


  • Roller width: 5.1″ / 130 mm
  • Roller diameter: 2.5″ / 64 mm
  • Groover widths: 0.040 – .31″ / 1-8 mm
  • Sheet thickness: up to 0.2″ / 5 mm
  • Reduction gearing on flat rollers: 1:6.5 (i.e., it takes 6-1/2 rotations of the handle for one revolution of the flat rollers)
  • Reduction gearing on wire rollers: 1:5
  • Upper rollers adjustment:  1 wheel revolution is about 0.1033″ / 2.625 mm