CNC Jewelry Mill

Manufacturer: Emco
Model: F1

Detailed Specifications


The Emco Maier F1 CNC vertical milling machine is a precise, compact machine outfitted with a high-speed spindle for jewelry and other small machining.


  • Travel X:  7.87″ / 200 mm
  • Travel Y:  3.94″ / 100 mm
  • Travel Z:  7.87″ / 200 mm


  • Spindle type:  500 W (about 2/3 HP) air-cooled DC spindle
  • Spindle speed:  3,000 – 12,000 RPM
  • Spindle collet:  ER11 (capacity:  0.020″ – 0.3125″, 0.5mm-7mm)

Rotary table: Sherline 3700 4″ w/37090 chuck adapter and 4-jaw chuck

Stepper Motor Controller:  PMDX-340 4-axis stepper driver

CNC Controller:  LinuxCNC (accepts RS-274NGC G-code)

Pendent:  iMach3 P1A (E-Stop, MPG) via USB


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Due to its location in Jewelry, no ferrous or aluminum should be machined on this mill.


Use it for machining:

  • machinable wax
  • tooling board
  • woods
  • plastics


Milling, drilling.
3D machining, 4th axis (indexed, continuous)