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Staff Member

Maker Works is a fun, dynamic and vibrant member-based organization offering tools and classes for fabrication and prototyping in the areas of woodworking, metalworking, electronics, jewelry, sewing, embroidery, laser cutting and vinyl cutting. At Maker Works, the future is yours to make.

Maker Works Staff is responsible for the safety of members and guests by providing a clean and organized shop, well-maintained tools, and guidance around the shop.


  • This is a part time, hourly position which includes a membership and access to classes 


  • Assist members of varying experience with safety and machine set-up questions
  • Conduct dynamic tours
  • Be a resource for members with questions and help them find materials
  • Perform recurring cleaning and maintenance tasks
  • Use and Maintain Standard Operating Procedures for shop tasks
  • Participate in shop projects
  • Perform regular maintenance of tools
  • Teach classes
  • Be willing to become a domain expert
  • Sell retail products
  • Sell new memberships
  • Welcome new and existing members
  • Give great service over the phone, email, in person, telepathically
  • Continuously improve
  • Document everything


  • Computer savvy
  • Experience working with guests
  • Strong planning and organizational skills
  • Service Experience
  • Weekend Availability

Personal Characteristics:

  • You understand shop safety like others understand breathing
  • Creative and enjoy helping others create
  • Patience is natural, especially with beginners
  • Energy comes from being around people and helping them solve their problems
  • You like to get your hands dirty but demand a clean workspace
  • Mad for organization, every tool has its place
  • Passion for teaching, especially in a shop setting
  • Love to MAKE
  • You are as comfortable in front of 100 people as you are with 1 person
  • Love to learn about new machines and methods
  • Drive to improving your knowledge of safety, teaching methods, materials and machinery
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