Intro to Jewelry

Intro to Jewelry

Duration: 2.5 hours
Class Size: 3 people
Price: $80
Type: Skill Development
AGES: 13-15 with Parent/guardian also enrolled, 16+ With parent/guardian approval

This whirlwind class will introduce you to the basics of jewelry fabrication and the hand tools commonly used.

You will learn:

  • how to anneal metal and when/why to do it

  • how to cut, drill, and form metal

  • the basics of finishing and polishing

Many of the tools that will be covered don't require a checkout class (such as the rolling mill, hydraulic press, flex shaft, and most of the hand tools), and this class will show you how to use these tools safely. Sawing, drilling, riveting, and some basic wire work will be covered.

While this isn't a standard Maker Works checkout class, you will get the equivalent of the required one-on-one checkouts that will authorize you to use the propane torch in the Jewelry Studio and the shears in the Metal Shop.

Practice your newly-acquired skills with open studio time following the class until the shop closes for the day (approximately 3.5 hours). Some practice materials will be included in the class price and others will be available for sale separately. A very useful book, The Complete Metalsmith, student edition, will be referenced throughout the class and is available for purchase during online registration or at Maker Works.

Young people aged 13-15 may take this class with their parent/guardian.  (A parent/guardian who has also taken the checkout class must also accompany them when operating tools which require either a one-on-one or standard checkout, such as the propane torch or the Metal Shop shears.) Ages 16-17 are welcome on their own, with parent/guardian approval.

Reviews on this class:

  • “Experimentation! Pamela was patient and quick to think of and suggest different techniques to try and accomplish our goals, which I really appreciated.”

  • “Loved the walk through on so many tools and helpful tips!”


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